Sunday, April 1, 2012

generational links

---Daniel Clowes: The Cartoonist's Goal

---Paths of Hate

---"Nobody ever talks about generational conflict. Who wants to bring up that the old are eating the young at the dinner table? How are you going to mention that to your boss? If you're a politician, how are you going to tell your donors? Even the Occupy Wall Street crowd, while rejecting the modes and rhetoric and institutional support of Boomer progressives, shied away from articulating the fundamental distinction that fills their spaces with crowds: young against old."

---the class of 2011

---the rise of female slackers

---current world population

---"Famous Faces in Their Film Debuts"

---"What was my offense? I worked on climate change research that indicated the world is a lot warmer today than it was in the past. Because that research caught the public's attention when it was released in 1998, I became one of dozens of climate researchers who have been systematically targeted by a well-funded anti-science campaign."

---Bobby Rush wears a hoodie

---The Django Unchained primer

---the visceral evolution of trailers

---Ed Howard considers She's Gotta Have It by @SpikeLee

---"when you have robots fighting a war in a foreign country, the population of that country is going to be slow to gain trust, which can make occupation or even just persuasion quite difficult. You can see this in Iraq or Afghanistan, where the populations have been slower to develop empathy for American forces because they see them as people who send machines to fight a war."

---the 50 greatest cartoons

---"the real-time video era will hit us more like tsunami than a stream. Every conference talk. Every concert. Every birthday party. Every LOLcat on the verge flopping into the toilet when swiping at catnip. (Will he? Won’t he? For aficionados of feline follies what was once a 20-second YouTube clip will transmogrify into a two-hour time killer.) Our cameras will capture more and more of the great moments and the mundane ones of our lives — eventually we may never turn them off, except to charge the batteries."

---trailers for Total Recall, Safety Not Guaranteed, and The Big Fix

---a clip from Stranger Than Paradise

---the problem with the word "terrorism"

---Pam Cook analyzes the opening scene of Eyes Wide Shut

---Michael Caine's film acting tips

---lastly, filmmaking lessons from Roger Corman

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