Sunday, September 28, 2014

mediascape links

---The Peter Sellers Story: As He Filmed It

---an excerpt from William Gibson's The Peripheral

---All That Jazz: Fosse Time by Matt Zoller Seitz

---Three Reasons: Macbeth

---Don't Look Now behind the scenes

---"The personal blog is an important, under-respected art form. While blogs as a medium are basically just the default format for sharing timely information or doing simple publishing online, the personal blog is every bit as important an expressive medium as the novel or the zine or any visual arts medium. As a culture, we don't afford them the same respect, but it's an art form that has meant as much to me, and revealed as many truths to me, as the films I have seen and the books I have read, and I'm so thankful for that."  --Anil Dash

---"Mr. Anderson said his adaptation came into focus when he recalled an old quote from 'Chandler or Hammett or one of those guys who said the point of a plot in a detective movie is to get your hero to the next girl to flirt with.' After that, he said, his approach became, 'When’s the next girl or funny bit going to happen?'" --Logan Hill

---Greta Gerwig and Sarah Polley discuss Frances Ha

---"This is why digital filmmaking has been unkind to Gilliam. Even though his work can take years to accomplish, and has made him anathema among cost-conscious producers, once it's onscreen it has a power and integrity that comes from Gilliam and his team moving heavy things around, or treating the frame like a hoarder's den. In the same way Werner Herzog wouldn't use CGI to "drag" a steamship over a mountain, Gilliam shouldn't allow himself to be seduced by technology that allows him to splay the contents of his brain semi-directly onto film. But that's been the case with recent Gilliam efforts. From 2005's The Brothers Grimm onward, his filmmaking has lost much of its tactile, junk-shop appeal." --Michael Sicinski

 ---The Films of Alfonso Cuaron

---"'Why do they have to be so mean?' Refn says after reading a voracious takedown of his movie by Hollywood Elsewhere blogger Jeffrey Wells. 'In a way,' she responds, 'you asked for it.'" --Eric Kohn

---the Dear White People PSAs

---"I was writing a dissertation on Ozu, time, and modernity (not in cinema studies but in critical theory) when I decided to stop and make films instead. Most of my critical writing on film resides in this unfinished dissertation. But I think my work is partly an outgrowth of that critical engagement, as well as an outgrowth of our evolving mediascape, which not only makes such work possible but cultivates it."  --::kogonada

---trailers for Jupiter Ascending, Blackhat, The Babadook, and Mommy

---"Maps to the Stars broods on how celebrity corrupts the fallible. It’s also something of a bitchfest; a blood-letting that Cusack enjoys having a stake in. Hollywood today is closer to Wagner’s vision than we realise, he says. It’s no longer a place, it’s a nostalgic idea. The mega-corporations have stepped in, bringing with them the era of the 50-producer movie. In modern Hollywood the franchise is king, the star is used as leverage. 'You can’t make it up,' says Cusack. 'It’s a whorehouse and people go mad.'" --Henry Barnes

---The Eyes of Hitchcock

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