Saturday, September 20, 2014

soulless links

---History of Stop Motion

---Being There

---vintage Hollywood contact sheets by Karina Longworth

---Roman Polanski and Rosemary's Baby

---10 screenwriting blogs


---Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity: A Look Back

---"I mention all this because its weave is the leitmotif informing David Cronenberg’s film of my script Maps to the Stars. Contrary to critics’ easy characterisation, it doesn’t have a satirical bone in its elegiac, messy, hysterical body. I’ve given you the lay of the land as I see it, saw it, and lived it. Maps is the saga of a doomed actress, haunted by the spectre of her legendary mother; of a child star ruined by early celebrity, fallen prey to addiction and the hallucination of phantoms; of the mutilation, both real and metaphorical, sometimes caused by fame and its attendants – riches, shame and nightmare. I see our movie as a ghost play, not a satire." --Bruce Wagner

---stealth fashion for the under-surveillance society

---Cinephilia and Beyond revamped

---waiting for the iPhone 6

---the trailer for the 52nd New York Film Festival

---"How to make a living in independent film?"

---how to make an audiovisual essay

---Dear White People featurette

---Richard Brody appreciates All About Eve

---Type Safari with James Victore

---"There are plenty of great films of the late sixties and seventies that employ the bleakness at hand, but, when Pauline Kael said that she loved Get Carter because it was so 'calculatedly cool and soulless and nastily erotic,' she was pointing out the lengths to which the film went to paint everyone with the same brush. The city of Newcastle plays a major role as do the old rows of housing, their lack of indoor plumbing featured, but it’s really this coastline and the unceasing coal skips that bring the point home." --Drew Johnson

---trailers for Low Down, Big Eyes, A Most Violent Year, Force Majeure, Camp X-Ray, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Listen Up Philip, and The Riot Club

---"Unfortunately, another type of political adaptation is already under way—that of the armed lifeboat. This adaptation responds to climate change by arming, excluding, forgetting, repressing, policing, and killing." --Christian Parenti

---"I don't think I'm right yet on 'I'm going to kill the wabbit!' am I?"

---Steve McQueen: The Power of Cinema

---Captain America: The Winter Soldier main-on-end titles

---Star Wars Minus Williams

---"Just how far has the US strayed from this basic principle in its mass surveillance practices? Very far. The existence of the mass surveillance was kept officially secret from the world for over a decade, from when it started in earnest in 2001 until June of 2013 after the Snowden revelations. The surveillance at first had no judicial authorization whatsoever. Various pieces of it were brought under judicial authority --  email records in 2004, U.S. domestic telephone records in 2006 and backbone and other content collection in 2007 -- but these court decisions also happened entirely in secret, so the public still didn't know. Even today, large amounts of both the case law and the Executive Branch’s internal legal guidance have been kept from the public." --Cindy Cohn

---Chis Ware's The Last Saturday

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