Tuesday, February 2, 2016

branded links

---Composition in Storytelling

---Noah Baumbach: On Filmmaking

---"Those who read gain the world, and those who are too much on the internet lose it." --Werner Herzog

---Every Best Picture Ever

---"Well, now I will make stuff that you absolutely can't say I was the muse of." --Greta Gerwig

---Every Black Actor Who Won an Oscar

---"As consumers of culture, we are lulled into passivity or, at best, prodded toward a state of pseudo-semi-self-awareness, encouraged toward either the defensive group identity of fandom or a shallow, half-ironic eclecticism. We graze, we binge, we pick up and discard aesthetic experiences as if they were cheap toys. Which they frequently are — mass-produced widgets from the corporate assembly line." --A. O. Scott

---Laura Mulvey's top 10 Criterion choices

---Branded Dreams

---The Semantics of Adventureland's Mixtape

---"Cross-pollinated comics" by Jaakko Seppälä

---The Most Beautiful Shots in Movie History

---"Faced with writer’s block, even though they refuse to call it that, Ethan and Joel decided to put their work on Miller’s Crossing on pause, and spent three weeks 'washing out their mind.' What came to existence was the screenplay for Barton Fink" --Cinephilia and Beyond

---Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road VFX

---"The slow disappearance of the academic film blog, that single-authored, ad-free space where no idea was too big, too small, or too weird, isn’t exactly a crisis—not like the academic job market crisis, or the humanities crisis, or the crisis in higher education. But I miss it. It was as if, for a short period of time, tenure requirements, the realities of the academic job market, and even capitalism itself ceased to exist." --Amanda Ann Klein

---“I really think that the war on terror makes us less safe” --Laura Poitras

---The Leonardo DiCapriOlympics

---"Ultimately, Twitter’s service is so confused and undifferentiated in the market that it’s increasingly difficult to make a clear case for its existence." --Joshua Topolsky

---"I just think that the workplace and the product should reflect the diversity of this country. Look, any fundamental change in this country has been a battle. People aren’t going to just give up — 'All right, you’re right' — and give up power. The history of the world doesn’t work like that.

I’m a student of history. The civil-rights movement, [Marlon] Brando was right there with Dr. King, marching. Paul Newman, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner, even Charlton Heston before he went over. So there’s a precedent of Hollywood being woke. People spoke up, and that’s the thing I wrote in my essay. I’m tired. Why do I gotta be the one? Why are people calling me? You guys need to be speaking to the white nominees. I want to hear from the studio heads what they’re doing about this. Why does it have to be on the black folks?" --Spike Lee

---trailers for Animals, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zoolander 2

---"But 'Infinite Jest' warned against the insidious virality of popular entertainment long before anyone but the most Delphic philosophers of technology. Sharing videos, binge-watching Netflix, the resultant neuro-pudding at the end of an epic gaming marathon, the perverse seduction of recording and devouring our most ordinary human thoughts on Facebook and Instagram — Wallace somehow knew all this was coming, and (as the man himself might have put it) it gave him the howling fantods." --Tom Bissell

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